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door douhua2233 wo 30 jan 2019, 05:19
This column was started with the intent of highlighting the worst kind of coaching that has haunted Ron Rivera’s tenure with the Carolina Panthers: the aggressively conservative decision making masked as “playing not to lose.” The Panthers’ Week 2 loss to the Falcons actually featured the opposite to that Cheap Customized Carolina Panthers Jerseys , so today we salute Rivera for making the right decisions — even if they weren’t enough in the end. All we’ve ever asked is that he try.Last year, in a Afbeelding3 loss to the Saints, the Panthers lined up Michael Palardy to punt the ball on a 4th and 5 from the Saints’ 35 yard line. At the time, the Panthers were trailing by 18 points. We started this column this year because I am, apparently, still mad about that play and the similar decisions that Rivera has made in similar situations before and since — in spite of his once-earned reputation as a “riverboat gambler.”The Panthers found themselves in two situations on Sunday where the safe bet would have been on another Palardy punt. Instead, Rivera made the wise choice both times and kept his team competitive in what would turn out to be a close game.On the opening drive www.panthersfootballauthentic.com , Cam Newton and the offense stalled out. Graham Gano was sent out to kick a field goal on a 4th and 3 from the Falcons’ 36 yard line. Technically, a field goal is the safe call there. A more aggressive coach might have called on the best short yardage back in the league, Newton, to get those three yards and keep the drive alive. Bet let’s give credit where it is due for clearing the bar set last season: the Panthers didn’t punt. Huzzah.Early in the second quarter, the Panthers were stopped to set up a 4th and 4 from the Falcons’ 33 yard line. This time they went for it and Newton performed his standard magic to convert the first down. This is the much discussed play that saw Damontae Kazee ejected from the game for one of the dirtiest and dumbest hits I’ve ever witnessed. This play also set up the Panthers first touchdown of the game.What was the difference in those two, largely identical downs and distances on essentially the same part of the field? I don’t know. I can’t tell you if there was a consistent decision making process that ended the one drive in a field goal attempt and let the other stay alive for a touchdown. I can tell you that I was happy to see the Panthers consistently not punt in those situations. I don’t know what it is supposed to look like when a turtle comes out of its shell, but I can tell you that kind of naked certainly suited Rivera on Sunday. The Panthers ultimately lost that game by a single touchdown. This week’s post-game analysis would have been decidedly less optimistic without the 10 points they earned by trying to win the game in the first half. Kudos Carolina Panthers T-Shirt , Ron, and keep it up. I’d love to cancel this column. The Carolina Panthers have added safety Dezmen Southward to their practice squad to replace Josh Hawkins, who was activated to the 53-man roster last week when Da’Norris Searcy was placed on injured reserve.Southward has been with the Panthers on and off again since 2016. He was active for one game in 2017 and spent the rest of his time on the practice squad.The Panthers only have three active safeties on the 53-man roster (Mike Adams, Colin Jones, Rashaan Gaulden), so there’s a chance that Southward will be activated after the bye week just to give the Panthers more depth at the position. While I know that bringing in Southward is a good idea to add bodies to the room, there’s another way the Panthers could add not only depth Carolina Panthers Hats , but quality at the safety position—sign Eric Reid. He’s available, he’s talented, he’s young and he fills a need. There’s no good reason to let a perfectly good solution to one of the defense’s biggest problems go to waste. Bring him in Marty, even if it’s only a one-year deal, and fix the lack of safety depth before it becomes a real issue.
door velmyeroth do 21 feb 2019, 06:44
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