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door douhua2233 wo 30 jan 2019, 04:25
The Redskins walked away Sunday afternoon with a big win at home against a very good Panthers team. It may not have been the prettiest win you’ll ever see Authentic Deshazor Everett Jersey , but I’ll take a W any way I can get it. The Skins now sit atop the NFC East with a 3-2 record, and enter a stretch of the season that will see them play five key division games over the next eight weeks. Below are my Studs aAfbeeldingnd Duds of Sunday’s contest against the Panthers with some added video for your viewing pleasure. Studs:Adrian Peterson - Father Time has certainly not yet caught up to AP. The 33 year old warrior, who was battling a shoulder and knee injury, carried 17 times for 97 yards (a 5.7 YPC average). Most mortals would have sat this one out, but not Peterson, who despite having to have a staffer removed his pads for him because his shoulder was so sore he could barely lift his arm, still looked to run over, around and through the Panthers stout defense. Vernon Davis - Another one who Father Times has yet to lay a finger on, Davis caught three passes for a team high 48 yards and a touchdown early on. Jordan Reed - Reed made some great receptions on the afternoon, but none was better than his sick one-handed stab on a pass in the middle that was high and behind him. He led all receivers with five receptions and chipped in 36 yards. Chase Roullier - Man does this kid move well in space! The line may not yet be 100 percent in sync in pass protection, but when they ask Chase to pull, trap, seal at the second level and led plays out in space, the guy is a beast!Josh Norman - Playing against his former team brought out the best in Norman Sunday. He had his first interception since 2016, and forced a fumble which the Redskins recovered. His coverage and tackling were very solid on the afternoon. Maybe Jay Gruden needs to yell at him at halftime of games more often!D.J. Swearinger - Swearinger led all Redskins defenders in tackles, while also adding a sack (which also forced a fumble that a Panthers linemen recovered), and two quarterback hits. He nearly recorded a safety on a hit at the end of the second quarter on Newton in the endzone where it looked like he was shot out of a cannon. Daron Payne - The box score may not show it Youth Montae Nicholson Jersey , but Payne was a disruptive force on the afternoon. He was recognizing and chasing down screens (one to Olsen 10 yards down the field), and it was his pressure in the face of Cam Newton early in the second quarter that forced the under-throw that Norman intercepted. Preston Smith - This will go un-noticed in the box score as well, but I thought Preston Smith did a nice job getting multiple pressures on Cam Newton; especially later on in the game. He may have not gotten any sacks, but his hurries forced some early and off-target throws. Brian Quick - This guy was great on special teams, helping down two Tress Way punts inside the six yard line. He also caught two passes for 12 yards (both of which went for key first downs) and blocked well on the perimeter. Dustin Hopkins - Hopkins went three for three on his field goal attempts, his longest from 56 yards, and made both of his extra points. To call him clutch yesterday would be an understatement. Duds:Morgan Moses - Moses committed a bad hold in the beginning of the fourth quarter that negated a big Peterson run up the gut that would have given the Redskins the ball at the Panthers 25. Two plays later his defender got free and blasted Smith causing a fumble which Trent Williams recovered. Luckily, Hopkins still converted the long field goal. Moses was not particularly sharp on run blocking or pass pro on the afternoon. Mason Foster - This may be nit-picking a bit, but I thought Foster struggled in coverage against Olsen and McCaffrey. It’s probably not fair to ask him to cover either one-on-one, but that’s often the responsibilities of an inside linebacker on passing downs. I didn’t particularly like the play down by the goal line where Newton scrambled, and Foster stood like a statue waiting for him; then got run over. On the bright side, he did hustle downfield and recovered the fumble Norman knocked loose. Quinton Dunbar - Dunbar was picked on by Cam Newton all day in coverage, and he showed Cam absolutely no reason NOT to target him. He was matched up a lot against Funchess who had a nice leaping touchdown over Quinton after he bit on a double move and lost his man deep. He also missed a few tackles on the afternoon. Not his best outing. Bill Callahan - It may be time to devote an entire weeks worth of practice to teaching the linemen how to handle stunts and twists! This is getting ridiculous! Mini-Stud:Josh Doctson - I did say last week that if Josh Doctson ran a route this week, I’d list him as a stud. Well, not only did he run a route, he caught three passes for 20 yards! What I liked from Josh is that he attacked the ball in the air and caught it with his hands. You could see the guy was hurting after every tackle. For him, this game merits Mini-Stud status!Misc.;Redskins Vs. Patriots - Studs and Duds Colt McCoy - McCoy was accurate and looked in complete command of a simplified offense. He was 13/18 for 189 yards and two touchdowns. Maurice Harris - Harris ran good routes Cheap Josh Doctson Jersey , caught everything thrown his way (including a 4 yard TD), and even showed some punt return ability.Robert Davis - Had 3 receptions for 35 yards and showed excellent RAC ability and good speed in limited action. Cam Sims - Sims did not catch a ton of passes in college, but he showed the ability Thursday night to beat coverage, and was dangerous after the catch. he hauled in a beautiful long pass in the second quarter which he made some nice moves and took it down to the three yard line. Byron Marshall - Not a ton of touches, but he shows how explosive he can be as a receiver out of the backfield. he had a nice touchdown catch where he broke a tackle and beat the defender to the endzone. Samaje Perine - Looked quick and powerful, especially on some plays that were not blocked extremely well. One nice run was brought back on yet another Kalis penalty. He did have a fumble in traffic though, that was not called. Matt Ioannidis - Ioannidis was a beast in limited action last night against the Patriots. He couldn’t be blocked one-on-one, and was even a menace when he was double teamed. Shaun Dion Hamilton - Had some splash plays, but also made some rookie mistakes. One thing that stood out though - this kid is very athletic. He’s not afraid to fill a hole. He did get de-cleated by Hill on a blitz, and dropped his head at the goalline and missed a tackle that could have saved a TD.Besides that, he showed out in both run support and coverage. This kids going to be good! Danny Johnson - I thought the rookie from Southern played very well, albeit against a pretty bland Patriots offense. He showed to be very active in coverage, making plays a few passes, and was not afraid to stick his head in the middle of the action to make a tackle, or come up to set an edge. Kenny Ladler - This kid is not afraid to come up and hit you! He looks like he was shot out of a cannon! Good game by the former Canadian star. Duds:Kyle Kalis - Three penalties and some inside pressures given up - not a good night at all for the backup guard fighting for a roster spot. Tyler Catalina - gave up two pressures, and was not effective in the run game as a blocker. Geron Christian - Christian may have some potential for the future, but it was very clear Thursday night that he’s not yet ready for the speed of the NFL game. He struggled mightily when he was asked to block an edge rusher in space.John Kling - Sorry Jamison Crowder Jersey , but Kling is NOT an NFL offense tackle. He looked horrible, with extremely slow feet, against the Patriots reserves. Elijah Wellman - I counted at least three missed blocks - one on what should have been an easy blitz pick-up in the first quarter if he worked inside out like he’s taught. He also was called for holding on Guices’ long run. He did have a few catches out of the backfield, but it looks like our dream of keeping a true fullback may not happen. Ondre Pipkins - Just a HORRIBLE showing by Pipkins. He was unable to hold his ground in the run game. I counted a few times where he was driven 5 yards down field. It’s completely unacceptable to get driven 10 yards off the ball on third and short when the play in coming right at you! Fall the heck down...or something!Deshazor Everett - He did not play a ton in this game, but I counted two missed tackles where he seemed to just drop his head and lose sight of his target. Not a good showing for the veteran. Fish Smithson - Had a few missed tackles, and generally looked lost in coverage. It seemed to be easy to manipulate his position in coverage with a simple shoulder shrug. Notes:Zach Vigil - Maybe he’s just playing by the new rules, but I noticed a bunch of times he went low (and I mean VERY low - like around the ankles) on ball carriers, allowing them to fall forward for extra yards. Troy Apke - Had a nice pass defended from his deep safety position late in the second quarter on a 3rd down and long. He showed willingness in run support, with some ups and downs in tackling. Rob Kelley - It does look like the off-season weight loss paid off, as he looks much quicker this year.Matt Flanagan - He looked like the better option if the team does decide to keep a FB/H-Back.Casey Dunn - I thought Dunn played pretty well in reserve duty at center. he anchors very well when he gets his hands inside a defender. Jerod Fernandez - made some nice tackles, but also missed a few in space. You can see he’s more of a box player, as he looks very limited when matched up in space against a quicker player. Tim Settle - had some splash plays where he looked quicker than any player on the field at the snap of the ball. Then he had some plays where it looked like he was just going through the motions out there. Boy, you can see the potential though! He’ll need to be rotated quite frequently to keep him fresh. He did have a fumble recovery late in the game as well. Custom Green Bay Packers Jerseys
door velmyeroth do 21 feb 2019, 06:37
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