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door hongwei28 do 13 jun 2019, 08:07
Welcome back to the 2018 edition of Step UP or Step OUT Stitched J.J. Jansen Jersey , a series on CSR that is intended to look at players who are playing well and highlight a few that need to step their game up. Think of it as a heat index for the Carolina Panthers; guys who are playing well are stepping up and those who aren’t need to improve their game or. . . step out.This week we’ll look at a bunch of guys that with more help would have flipped a loss to a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If the Panthers are going to avoid yet another losing season after a winning one, they’ll need help from some of their friends, especially the ones who are steppin’ out, in order to secure a victory against the Cleveland Browns.Steppin’ UPDontari PoeHeat Rating: A nice cozy fire during a snowstorm It hasn’t been a noteworthy season at all for Dontari Poe, but he finally made a nice impact on Sunday flashing some of that athleticism that is rare in a man of his size. He was able to shed blocks for a few tackles and a sack on the day despite occasionally being the target of double teams. The Buccaneers run game was unable to get going, and Luke Kuechly roamed the lanes freely. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come, because Poe will undoubtedly be the starter here for at least one more season.Christian McCaffreyHeat Rating: That first sip of hot cocoa that you know is going to burn youChristian McCaffrey once again was the Panthers best weapon on offense, busting another long gainer on the ground and diving in for a score off a Cam Newton throw. Every week the voices that called him overdrafted grow more silent, to the point where I can’t hear them at all really. He only needs 137 rushing yards and 337 receiving yards over the next four games to become the third player in NFL history with 1000 rushing and receiving yards in the same season. He’s absolutely one of the top skill players in this league, and appears to only be getting better week in and week out. Curtis SamuelHeat Rating: The very center of a huge active volcanoCurtis Samuel is probably the Panthers most improved player this season Youth Mario Addison Jersey , especially as it pertains to finding his identity within an offense and making splash plays. He was our top receiver on Sunday, and his role continues to grow even with Devin Funchess back in the fold. Curtis is cut from that same mold as Tyreek Hill, a guy who excels as a ball carrier and can also be a very useful receiver that you can move all over the football field to attack in different ways. You need one of these types of guys on your football team in the modern NFL, and it’s nice to see ours figure it out in year two.Steppin’ OUTThe Offensive LineCold Rating: A snow covered pile of firewoodWhile on the whole the offensive line has been a surprising bright spot for the Panthers, they have laid a couple eggs over the year, and few have been more smelly than their effort against Tampa Bay on Sunday. Pressure was getting to Cam from all angles, and once Trai Turner left the game, it got infinitely worse, as Tyler Larsen helplessly tried to stop Gerald McCoy. Cam was sacked four times, on three of which a defender wasn’t even touched. On two of his four interceptions Stitched Mario Addison Jersey , he was hit as he threw affecting the pass greatly. It was a day to forget for the Hog Mollies.Donte JacksonCold Rating: A frozen faucet that’s stopped drippingI’m not holding that end zone defensive pass interference call against him, because that was good defense and one of the worst calls I have ever witnessed, but generally speaking on the day the Panthers rookie was not doing well. It could be that he isn’t totally healthy resulting from the injury that made him leave the game against the Seahawks, but it was an uncharacteristically bad game from a guy having a great season. His future is very bright, and I’m sure this was just a one game hiccup.Cam NewtonCold Rating: My frosted windshield this morningCam has been having a great season without a doubt, but this game was a disaster for him. Four interceptions, regardless of the circumstances of any given one, are unacceptable. More worrying however is the mounting evidence that his surgically repaired shoulder still might not be quite right. If it isn’t, the prudent move for this franchise should be to shut him down and get going on whatever needs to be done to it right away, as currently Youth Cameron Artis-Payne Jersey , this team doesn’t seem suited for any kind of a playoff run. Between family and travel, we get that holiday weeks can be a little crazy. Maybe you missed the news this week. We don’t blame you. That’s why we have this handy weekly feature to catch you up on the latest and greatest to come out of Cat Scratch Reader in advance of every game.This week is the season finale. There will be no more 2018 Carolina Panthers after Sunday, and praise be for that. We all watched what happened after their promising, if rocky, start. Now we get to look at the future and that is full of potential. Here are the last tidbits of (mostly injury news) 2018 to get you ready for the end of this season and the start of 2019.QB Taylor Heinicke on injured reserve, sign QB Garrett Gilbert5 questions with Canal Street ChroniclesTrai Turner and Kawann Short are out for season finaleAs always, you can check out our Week 17 story stream for the rest of this week’s coverage. That’s about it for this year, folks. One more game and then we get to start into what could be a busy and exciting 2019 for Carolina Panthers news.

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