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door goodwood vr 12 jun 2020, 02:55
There was the people of the past's quested to lead the way, Yang Qi as long as the way of thinking that follows people of the past pluses science and technology to push the unique ability of playing the system, can 89 not leave ten of come out these science and technology revivifications.However after Yang Qi has already stood on the science and technology peak in the whole world plantation shutters, there is no people of the past's quest and lead the way, he acquire the speed of science and technology achievement and then will significantly weaken.
However even if is so, be called Yang Qi the mankind have a history the greatest scientist also nowise for lead.He should is the scientist of the most encyclopedic knowledge and has him at the same time, equaled to own all mankind science and technology development achievement.Thus the great scientist originally should is respected by person of, but before be used to sweep hygiene, and miserably drive work the unit dismissed, always not known to public.Until the Yan flew to accept Yang Qi, and for him provide the best condition, he just break out unimaginable ability.
Under the Yang Qi's eminent science and technology natural endowments, just 3, used for withdrawing the equipments of uranium chemical element to appear in the sea water.This equipments sees is a whale from the shape, just its body figure is very huge, the length comes to a 100 meters, the width comes to a 10 meters, there are highly also 5 meters.This is an artificial whale, it owns a super strong bottom of sea activity ability, it even ability the 1000 meters deep place visit under the sea surface.
The power of this artificial whale isn't fuel or is a nuclear energy, but a set of very strong new energy battery.Under the push of new energy battery, this artificial whale can deeply impose the speed of 50 kilometers/ per hour to visit at bottom of sea 1000 meters.When it visits, will release a huge dragnet from the end of the tail, the mesh cleft of this dragnet is very big, being a real whale can also pass this dragnet, because it doesn't be used for grasping fish.
This and the mesh of dragnet in will produce one small and weak but aim at the strongest superconductive magnetic field in sex, make use of this superconductive magnetic field and then can adsorb the uranium with aquatic sea chemical element ion, and pass they the hollow piping carrying return to whale inner part.Carry on revivification reaction in the whale inner part, become the uranium chemical element of high density.
This huge artificial whale the internal space is narrow and small, can not live a person at all, because what it adoption is a whole intelligence the automation control, don't need personnel at in carry on operation.This artificial whale inner part has one set function violent computer, the whole intelligence auto control system passes this set computer to carry on a control to the artificial whale.Want ~only an importation to circulate procedure, this artificial whale can in the neighborhood waters according to design request to visit by oneself, and withdraw the uranium chemical element in the sea water Wholesale plantation shutters.After the electric power that waits until a battery set consumes about, it will automatically return to a base to carry on adding, then bring back the uranium chemical element of collections.
This artificial whale of so have thus violent activity ability, be because material in added a money chemical element.In the middle of pushing to play to the usage of money chemical element, Yang Qi discovered that money chemical elements reach to 128,000 more kind of uses.In these uses, include a new anti- to press material, new imitate to living material and new energy of battery.After having the catalyst of money chemical element, the heat-proof, strength and anti- of the new material pressed sex and bore causticities to all get to biggest promote and strengthen, so just can make to is born the artificial whale that the boundary leads.After having money chemical element, material science of fog concealed island is placed in a world all of a sudden leading level.
After joining a money chemical element, the traditional lithium battery starts to be shining second spring, their functions appeared a promoting of leap type.The money chemical element is very miraculous, it is like a key and opens to lead to new-world front door.The new lithium battery is a product that acrosses ages opened new world front door to get behind.Has been again and again pushed to play, under the circumstance of equal physical volume, the Xu electric power of the new lithium battery dint promoted a while 1,00000%.Only so huge Xu electricity quantity, can arouse a huge artificial whale of body figure to quickly visit in the bottom of sea.

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