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door ylq di 14 apr 2020, 09:42
"Dong Dang Dang" familiar footsteps came from the corridor, is it Dad's back? "Dong Dangdong" familiar knocking door, is Dad back? I can't wait to open the door, Dad is back. One to four God, my dad who went on a business trip to Beijing could be considered back. His servant in front of the door carried the small suitcase that was always with him in his left hand, and a bag of Beijing specialty cakes named "Daoxiang Village" in his right hand. I was stunned. , I haven't recovered from the joy. Or my father opened his mouth and teased: "How? Little guy, how long are you going to let Dad stay outside? "Then, it was Dad's signature smile. I hurriedly squatted down to take slippers for Dad and took over the gift box in Dad's hands." Mom-Dad is back-"I was ecstatic to find Mom in the house. Mom When I looked out of the kitchen, I saw Dad, his face was excited, and the shovel waved faster. After Dad put down his luggage, he embraced me in his arms: "Baby, do you miss Dad? Dad miss you and mom! I haven't slept well these days. "Dad said, while pretending to be mysterious," Guess what good things Dad brought you from Beijing? "My head shook like a rattle, but my heart was full of expectations:" Doll? Crystal stickers? Sugar gourd? Oops, dad, I can't guess. "Say, Dad took a gift wrapped in wrapping paper from his suitcase: Wow, a novel that I dreamed of for a long time." I can find this book for you in Beijing Book City, and I saw it when I saw it. , I think of the way you look obsessed when reading a book, and I think of the expression when you see it Cigarettes For Sale, do you like it? baby? "Like, like, thank you dad! "Speaking, I kissed Dad fiercely." Wife, are you ready? See what gift I bought for you? "Dad looked towards the kitchen. The sound of pots and pans clanging from the kitchen. Mom didn't hear my father's cry. I can't wait to turn over my father's box: Wow, I saw my favorite brand: Chanel . White bag with black borders Marlboro Gold. The double C logo in the middle makes people shine. I grabbed the gift bag and ran to the kitchen. Handed it to my mother. My mother yelled, "Wow, what a precious gift, thank you Husband! "With that, the sound between the spatula and the vegetable pot became louder Online Cigarettes. This is my father, a good man who loves his wife and children, and loves his family! I love my father!
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